Itinerary and Countdown


Photo credit: Kat      List by: Willy

In just eight days we will embark on our trip, and we’re busy preparing.

Here are answers to our most frequently asked questions.


Do we have a place to live yet?

No– we’ve learned about several places but want to see the options on the ground. The Fulbright pays our hotel for the first week while we do this. Good options include Olive Cressida, Desai Homes, and SI Property. We’ll be renting a furnished apartment in a town called Thiruvananthapuram which is in very Southwest India.

Will your kids be in school?

Probably. We’ve talked a lot with the folks at the Trivandrum International School which looks pretty amazing. Like with the living arrangements, we want to see what it’s like in person and talk logistics before signing on.

How do they feel about this?

About school? They’re lobbying hard for home schooling. About the trip in general? They’re excited, but of course don’t really know what they’re getting into. In preparation we’ve watched many Bollywood films and documentaries. It is not enough to prepare them, though.

Remind me, why are you going to India?

Kat was awarded a Fulbright Nehru grant to support teaching and research on marine debris in India. It’s a replication of this project. In this case, she’ll be working with Indian students at the University of Kerala, teaching two two-week modules to collect, describe, and report on debris. She’s also hoping to host a teacher’s workshop at the University. In May, a colleague from the University of Hartford, through funding from Uhart’s Women’s Advancement Initiative will visit for two weeks so that we can collaborate to create a study abroad course which will allow us to bring Uhart students back to India.

How long will you be gone?

The grant lasts for six months, the trip will last for about seven.

Will someone be in our house here?

Yes. A young academic family we found through

What will Mike do?

He’s able to maintain his enrollment at Yale and will be working on his research project.

Are you excited?

Most definitely yes.

Why is your blog called “My favorite thing is not happening?” 

Well, our five year old daughter said this to us in reference to one of life’s many disappointments (she is not shy about letting us know when she is unhappy). We have explained to her many times that your favorite thing will not always be happening. The phrase seemed like a good description for a family adventure on this scale. At some point in the next seven months, someone’s favorite thing will not be happening. Hopefully it won’t always be the same someone’s. Hopefully it won’t be very often. When it does happen, we’ll have to work together, carry on, and make something wonderful out of it anyway.


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