Nutcrackin’ and Packin’

Photos by: Kat


We’ve had a long wonderful weekend of Nutcracker performances from James (he played Fritz, the jerky brother of Clara, to great success), packing our bags, and lots of house cleaning.

Here’s a lovely photo of some of the many wonderful Nutcracker cast members and a photo of our packed bags. We have packed, re-packed, re-packed again, weighed and measured to be sure we meet the constraints of every airline we fly, and we think we’re all set now.

As for the Nutcracker– James loves the Hartt Community Division more than anything– he has had such an amazing time in his three years of Nutcrackin’.  He is absolutely counting the days until he is back to ballet.

We spent most of the day cleaning our house, which has perhaps never been this clean or tidy. We’ve really been clearing things out and cleaning for months– but now we are in the home stretch and working in earnest.

In less than 24 hours we’ll be driving to Providence and embarking on the first leg of our journey. We cannot wait!


9 thoughts on “Nutcrackin’ and Packin’

  1. Kat, I’ve been meaning to get in touch and ask how the preparations were going… Obviously, you’re nearly there. Have an amazing, wonderful adventure with your family. I will follow this blog to keep up. We’ll have a lot to talk about when you get home! Safe travels, my friend!

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  2. Love the blog…throwback to 2005!! So glad James’ had a successful Nutcracker run this year! Best of luck on the journey, love that we can follow along!! xoxo


  3. We had fun Nutcrackin’ with you guys! Safe travels—we can’t wait to hear all about it! James’ ballet class is counting the days until he’s back too. I’m sure they’ll be following this blog together😊


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